One Inch Punch

It's Really Not About Us

It's about helping you make your clients happy.

We've seen it a thousand times; your project is off the rails, your lead developer is AWOL or pacing in circles reciting lines from Dr. Strangelove, the database just exploded, and the demo is in 16 hours! You don't just need your run of the mill development team, you need somewhere between a crime scene cleaner and an exorcist ... and you need them yesterday. We got you.

All guts, no glory.

Been there, done that, got the Addies on the mantle. We aren't in it for the accolades or nifty badges to display on our 'websites-o-the-day'. You can proudly keep those for yourself.

We are a bunch of low-profile, thrill seeking, code-junkies that lurk in the shadows and make you look good. Our mission (as we've chosen to accept it) is to write the songs that make the young girls cry, and let you sing them to your client's delight.

Your cavalry, on call.

We have tapped on the shoulders of the best of the best worldwide, whispered in their ears, and gotten the direct line to their Bat-phones. It doesn't matter what time of day or night, what time zone or which dropzone ... We have the horsepower, fire-power and brain-power to make your problems go bye bye.

If you name-drop one of the top 50 interactive or ad agencies on the planet, chances are someone on our team has worked for them, advises them, or was one of their founders.

Bottom line: if it can be designed or developed we can make it happen.

Nothing but net.

Ok, that's not entirely true. We do plenty of interactive motion graphics and mobile app development too.

We have the resources and capacity to handle everything from large-scale Enterprise architecture planning down to mini-blogs and everything in between. From real-time data dashboards to location-aware, socially-networked, multi-touch, responsively-designed mobile apps ... we got all those buzzwords and then some.

Typical engagements range from the 3 hour tour/recon-mission to the 12-18 month global deployment. Bring it, we ain't scared.


Mercenary Nerds
Joshua Insanus

Mr. Black

If we put the development experience of our nerd army end-to-end, it would date back to the 1800's. From the legacy code jockey with a PHD in Computer Science to the hipster geek who lives and breathes the latest tech-stack du jour, we have assembled a team that is capable of handling even the toughest of technical situations.

If you need a robust and scalable backend infrastructure or a bleeding-edge interactive 3D info-graphic that supports mobile device gestures, we can help.

Creative Misdirection
Jane Helf

Mr. White

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet ... Without the rapier wit and user-centric wordsmithing of a top notch copywriter, you may as well leave that placeholder text in your app. Creative thinking is what separates the mundane from the magical, the user-friendly from the frustratingly unusable.

The creative minds on our team have helped define and refine some of the best brands in the world, and they can do the same for yours.

Flight Controllers
John Doe

Mr. Pink

Keeping a project on track, on time, and on budget requires a cross between an air-traffic controller and a drill sergeant (with a little comedian / psychiatrist thrown in). We have scoured the Earth for these unique individuals and have them ready and willing to coordinate your next project (or help get your current one back on the rails).

We can provide the productivity tools and methodologies to get your team running like a finely tuned watch, or even evaluate your existing methods and tools to offer some insight on how to run leaner and be more effective as you reach your goals.

If Spicolli's dad was a website repair man, he would come to us for the ultimate set of tools.

Showing: OFF

True words of gratitude are worth a thousand pictures.

Portfolio?? We don't need no stinkin' portfolio! We frame thank-you cards and hang them in our lobby. You will never see anyone's projects displayed here (including yours). We don't kiss and tell, but happy clients say the nicest things! Here are some things that have been said to (or about) us:

"You guys saved my job. I have no idea how you managed to take things from how to wow in under 2 weeks, but you did. I kinda laughed to myself when the client called me a 'rockstar', because you guys gave me the amps that go to 11."

Lead Developer at Blank & Blank agency, NYC

"With 3 days until launch and a list of defects the length of my arm, a friend referred me to One Inch Punch and I contacted them to see if they could help. It was the best call I have ever made. They were able to quickly access our situation, divided up the tasks, and worked directly with our developers to whip the app into shape."

Director of Marketing at some little soft drink company, Atlanta

If the Wolf from Pulp Fiction cleaned up web projects gone bad, he would be one of our Junior Developers.

User Experience

We do thoughtful. Crafting a cohesive and engaging application is no small task, and when it comes to user experience, nothing beats prior experience. Our team has been building interactive projects for nearly 2 decades, and that wealth of knowledge and depth of background shows in everything we do.

From streamlined user-friendly GUIs to elegantly choreographed presentation flows, we pay attention to the minor details that make a major difference in the final product.

  • User Stories
  • Sitemap Definition
  • Wireframing
  • User Interface Design
  • Interactive Prototypes


We do captivating. Branding is a language of love, and we speak it fluently. From simple logo design to positioning of your brand story in the complex and ever-changing social ecosystem, we have built some of the most enduring brands around and can take your company or client's brand to another level.

We have professional resources to handle your toughest design challenges, from brochures to motion graphics and everything in between. 3D graphics? No problem. Sound design? How does "Grammy Nominated Sound Designer" grab ya?

  • Branding & Identity Packages
  • Concept Mockups
  • Video & Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modeling
  • Sound Design
  • Environmental Design


We do mathy. This is where the rubber meets the road, and the OIP developer roster is like having Big Daddy Don Garlits on your team. Whether you simply need someone who 'speaks nerd' fluently for that big conference call/pitch, or you need a gaggle of cultured code-wranglers to help you scale your big idea from startup to grownup, we have the resources and knowledge that you need to handle every developing situation.

  • Iterative Prototyping
  • Native and HTML5 Based App Development
  • Data Driven Dashboards & Info-graphics
  • Real-time Collaborative Web Apps
  • Augmented Reality
  • Legacy System Integration
  • That Other Nerdy-Cool Thing You Want


We do 24/7. It don't mean a thing, if it don't even ping. You can't leave your pride and joy with just anybody. When it comes to infrastructure and uptime, we found the world's greatest architects & techno-babysitters, and equipped them with the strongest coffee money can buy. Rest easy knowing that when some Twitter-celeb hashtags your idea at 3am and their millions of minions come over for a look-see, they will see more than a 500 Server error.

  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Real-time App Monitoring
  • Server Optimization
  • Data Storage, Archiving, and Recovery
  • Content Management & Delivery

If the Ghostbusters needed slime removed from their website, who do you think they gonna call? Exactly. (We ain't afraid of no code.)

Success is a contact sport

The team you need is just a click away.

Drop us a line and tell us where it hurts. If we take you on as a client you will be assigned a contact liaison to promptly address your needs 24/7.